New Tutor On-Boarding

Welcome! I am so excited to have you as a member of our team!

Before we can get you on the schedule, you'll need to complete "tutor orientation." During orientation we'll collect all of the paperwork we need from you to get you paid, and we'll teach you everything you need to know about tutoring with us.

  • You will need to complete ALL sections. So PLEASE make sure you click "Mark Completed" at the bottom of each page!
  • You can complete this all at once, or you can split it up and come back
  • It should only take about 30 minutes if you do it all at once. Please try to complete everything within 48 hours.


Module 1 Getting Paid
Unit 1 Required Paperwork: Payment Information, Tax Info, and Background Checks
Unit 2 Required Paperwork: Tutor Agreement
Unit 3 How and When You'll Be Paid
Module 2 Tutoring Online
Unit 1 Required Equipment
Unit 2 Helpful Software
Unit 3 TutorBird
Unit 4 Trouble Shooting
Module 3 Policies
Unit 1 Policies for students
Unit 2 Policies for tutors